Annual Midyear Juried Show  

Annual Midyear Juried Show


Laura Atkins with her models

Butler Institute of American Art

Midyear Show

Brimstone & Lace

September 10th – October 15th

Two person show featuring the works of Leegan and Laura Atkins

Opening Reception
Saturday, September 10th | 6PM – 9PM

September marks the beginning of the new year for galleries, aka “gallery season”. This September is also Bash’s first September in its new location in Las Vegas, Nevada. With that we are pleased to present 2 new artists to the gallery, Leegan and Laura Atkins. Both are well accomplished in their own styles and we believe their debut appearance will prove to be a “huge” success! All of us at Bash are looking forward to the exhibition.

Original works by Laura Atkins

Working primarily in oils, Laura’s paintings are often described as haunting and addictive. Her atmospheric vignettes are filled with metaphors, and her subjects could be said to have a timelessness. Mostly self-taught, Laura has recently been a studio assistant to her Mentor, Portrait Artist Leslie Adams. She has attended David Gray’s Portrait workshop and continues to study the Art of the Masters in the


    Next Gallery Show:

        Brimstone & Lace

At the Bash Fine Art Gallery

September 10th through Oct 15

Opening Reception Saturday,

Oct 10| 6PM – 9PM |  

 1009 S. Main LasVegas NV 89101 (702)998-2808







Washes, Wax, Wood, & Wishes Group Show ends May 21st


On Friday, March 18th at 6-10pm, River’s Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte will premiere works by artists Laura Atkins, Robby Gall, Birgit Huttemann-Holz and Tim Péwé for “Washes, Wax, Wood & Wishes.”  The show marks the beginning of the 2016 season for River’s Edge Gallery.

The concept for “Washes, Wax, Wood & Wishes” came from Gallery Director Jeremy Hansen. Hansen had seen works by Laura Atkins and Robby Gall that paid homage to the Baroque period and from his recent travels through Europe and to international art trade shows (including a stop for his own exhibit in Munich, Germany)  Jeremy noticed the popularity of this more traditional art genre.  Each artist brings a different medium to the show, which is the idea behind the title.

Laura Atkins uses a traditional style of painting technique as well as more classic compositions with contemporary elements. “Laura brought in a piece to be framed to ship off to a buyer,” says Hansen. “And we fell in love with it!” Atkins is mostly self-taught and works primarily in oils. Her style is Imaginative Realism. This style uses classical figures pitted against surrealist landscapes and backgrounds. A seascape is juxtaposed against a woman in mid-century garb. Eighteenth century aristocrats are placed against a background with a water spout, a very unlikely pairing. 


Robby Gall, without knowing Laura Atkins, submitted Baroque style paintings at the same time although his were playful and hers were more romantic. Gall’s paintings are finely painted but Gall did not begin his painting career in the visual arts but rather in the performing arts. Gall received his Masters of Music from Wayne State University in 2001. For his master’s thesis he proposed a ballet for marionettes. While looking for a venue to produce his show he discovered PuppetART Theater in Detroit. He was hired as a composer and also began making his own puppets. Several of these works became the subject of his future paintings. In 2010, having never picked up a paint brush, he took an oil painting class taught by Vianna Szabo. He fell in love with the medium and has been painting ever since. His works draw heavily on the Baroque period as evident through his use of light and shadow. They are often Rubenesque in nature. His subject matter ranges from self-portraits to portraits of puppets to more conceptual, classical inspired pieces.His work although influenced by Rubens has modern applications. For instance, historic 18th century figures are depicted in the modern day.

               Tim Péwé’s work is based on mythology,  folklorish styles of carving, and aboriginal influences. The combination of these creates timeless whimsical pieces. Though he has created works in stone and wood, he is best known for his larger than life carvings in wood. Visitors to the gallery will recognize his iconic hand and head carvings as well as the Meditation Closet he installed on the second floor. His sculptures often incorporate moving parts so that the viewer becomes involved in the art. Some of his work is even wearable. "I’m interested in making objects that function in some way, but have no prosaic or practical purpose,” says Péwé. “In my work, I’m trying to practice some sort of ‘low level alchemy,’ transforming reclaimed materials into something new, but nebulous at the same time."

               Birgit Hutteman-Holz is well known for her encaustic work. Encaustic is an ancient form of painting using wax. The wax is melted and the artist pushes the wax around with a flame, literally painting with a torch.   Colored pigments and even gold is added to create different colors. Encaustic painting is known for its vivid colors and texture. One of the most notable examples of encaustic painting is found in mummy portraits of Egypt from 100-300 A.D. Hutteman-Holz draws inspiration from the natural processes of entropy and decay. She looks to them not as destructive ends but a means for evolution because the world is always changing. She seeks to incorporate beauty in her work but is unafraid to delve into more horrific subjects like the violence in Syria and the Holocaust.

“Washes, Wax, Wood & Wishes” opens Friday March 18th 6-10pm. For more information call (734) 246-9880 or Stay connected with the gallery through the social channels:



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Opening Night Reception Saturday, October 10th

The Tales We Tell Together

For many women Art can serve as their voice when they want, deserve, and need to speak. We are thrilled to again have an opportunity to provide a venue for these women to share their souls, their hearts, their stories, and their talents. Last year over 250 works were submitted from women around the globe, including artists from Spain, Russia, Mexico, China, Canada, and from across the USA. We look forward to another experience of the incredible energy and affinity created when women are both the subject and the speaker.

Featuring the Following Artists and Works

Laura Atkins - Best Intentions | Nancy Boren - The Dressmaker | Rebekah Bynum -

Hello Kitty Defender | Kristine Campbell - Safe | Deborah Chapin - Invincible |

Candice Chovanec - Chloris and Flora, Against the Wind | Stephanie Deshpande -

Let the Cards Fall | Carla Falb - All American Girl | Shana Levenson - Power |

Sylvia Nitti - Girl in Water | Isabel Olivares - Autum | Omalix - Bird of Paradise |

Cindy Rizza - Patchwork | Beth Sistrunk - Duality | Rebecca Tait - Duplicity |

Rea Whalen - The Tall | Daryl Zhang - In Her Skin

In addition we will also exhibit the artwork of our gallery artists:

Mary Chiaramonte* | Teresa Elliott | Tracey Harris | Haley Hasler |

Pam Hawkes* | Andrea Kowch | Rachel Moseley* | Katie O'Hagan |

Odile Richer* | Margo Selski | Adrienne Stein* | Sherry Wolf | Pamela Wilson